2-4 years
330000 - 430000 INR
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Job Description

Key Responsibilities
Conduct comprehensive research on financial markets, industries, and economic
Analyze market trends, factors influencing stock prices, and macroeconomic indicators.
Evaluate the financial health, performance, and growth prospects of individual
Assess key financial metrics, competitive positioning, and industry dynamics.
Build and maintain financial models to project future performance, valuations, and
potential risks.
Utilize financial software and Excel for accurate and detailed financial modeling.
Gather and organize relevant financial data from diverse sources, including financial
statements, market reports, and industry publications.
Prepare detailed research reports, investment recommendations, and presentations for
internal and external stakeholders.
Clearly communicate complex financial concepts and findings.
Identify and evaluate potential risks associated with investment opportunities.
Work collaboratively to develop risk mitigation strategies.
Attend conferences, webinars, and training sessions to enhance knowledge.
Collaborate closely with portfolio managers, traders, and other team members to align
research with investment strategies.
Bachelor's or master's degree in finance, Economics, Business, or a related field.
Strong analytical and quantitative skills with the ability to interpret complex financial
Experience in building and maintaining financial models for forecasting and valuation.
Strong attention to detail to ensure accuracy in financial analysis and reporting.
Market Research
Company Analysis
Financial Modeling
Data Collection and management
Risk Assessment
Report Generation and communication



Master of Commerce (M.Com)

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