Staff Engineer - Backend

10-12 years
2 months ago
Job Description

Job Description

Overview of the role:

Freshworks seeks a self-motivated senior engineer to work alongside multi-disciplinary teams that build and scale our products. As a Staff Software Engineer, you will establish and drive the engineering standards and benchmarks the teams you work with will live up to. You will own and elegantly solve the most challenging problems for your teams. You will lead by example and demonstrate with your work ethic and disciplines exactly how great engineers bring value every single day to a growing organization like ours. Young, enthusiastic engineers will look up to you for everyday guidance and mentorship and will find it a joy working alongside you.


As an engineering leader, understand, own, and deliver the Engineering Roadmap for your teams.

  • As a software architect, design, document, deliver the most elegant, practical solutions to challenging engineering problems.
  • As an experienced engineer, identify and help prioritize the most critical technical debt alongside solutions and iterative plans to chip away at the debt.
  • As a persistent student, stay abreast with the latest technological advancements and find opportunities to find timely alignments with our internal needs.
  • As a senior programmer, establish a high bar for writing maintainable software through your own coding efforts, code reviews, and code sanity standards integrated into the CI pipelines.
  • As a mentor, provide timely assistance and guidance to our inspired, young engineers as they attempt to crack a variety of engineering problems.
  • As a visionary, aspire to achieve and define the next generation in technical and engineering standards.
  • As a collaborator, work with cross-functional teams of your own and across teams and products for critical projects
  • As an ace troubleshooter, take on the most critical and challenging problems occurring in production and help analyse and solve them, while identifying preventive measures
  • As a customer champion, internalize the customer's expectations and bring a customer focus to all engineering design and implementation you own.



  • Education: Bachelor's Degree in technical field OR equivalent work experience
  • A minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience
  • A minimum of 10 years of software development experience in an individual contributor role
  • Experience developing software in a commercial software product development environment.
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams.
  • A polyglot in programming languages with the ability to learn new technologies as the need arises.
  • Experience building and maintaining software for scale.
  • Clear spoken and written communication
  • Accomplished record of bringing significant value as an individual contributor

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

At Freshworks, we are creating a global workplace that enables everyone to find their true potential, purpose, and passion irrespective of their background, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and ethnicity. We are committed to providing equal opportunity for all and believe that diversity in the workplace creates a more vibrant, richer work environment that advances the goals of our employees, communities and the business.




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Freshworks makes it fast and easy for businesses to delight their customers and employees. We do this by taking a fresh approach to building and delivering software-as-a-service that&#8217&#x3B;s affordable, quick to implement, and designed for the end-user. Unlike legacy software, Freshworks builds tech that works for everyone, making it easy for IT, customer service, sales, marketers and HR to do their job and delight their customers.

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