SRE Engineer

7-10 years
2550000 - 2950000 INR
4 months ago 28 Applied
Job Description

SRE Engineer

7 - 10 Years
NP - 30 Days
UST Global

JOb Description

Ensuring application migrations from on-prem data centers to Microsoft Azure are successful
Consulting and providing expertise ontechnical solution options, and contributing to decision-making discussions in areas such as serverless computing, containerized workloads, and big data
Remaining up-to-date on internal and industry-wide best practices related to those solutions
Evangelizing best practices for cloud architecture and the key pillars of cloud application operations
Developing and ensuring delivery of resilient infrastructure designs using Infrastructure-as-Code
Performing knowledge transfer for SRE, Application and Support team resources when needed
Diagnosing and resolving potentially complex infrastructure, integration, and application issues
Improving standardization and automation within maturing processes to enhance efficiency
Performance testing and tuning to ensure production workloads are supported
Monitoring and supporting critical business applications to ensure SLAs are met
Understanding and implementing defensive, detective and corrective controls
Assisting in the development and/or implementation of comprehensive information security procedures and practices to reduce attack surfaces and comply with best practices
Augmenting project and systems documentation for technical and non-technical audiences

High-Value Professional Experience and Skills:

Leadership/design of application and/or infrastructure migration projects from on-prem to cloud
Proven expert in partnering and leading technology resources in solving complex business needs
Cloud architecture design and implementation to solve key business needs and meet team goals
Familiarity with current Microsoft Azure solutions; AWS and GCP experience also considered
Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tools (Prefer Terraform; Related: Ansible, Puppet, ARM templates)
Automated CI/CD pipelines (Prefer GitHub Actions; Related: Jenkins, Argo CD)
Containerized workloads (Prefer AKS & Helm; Related: EKS, other K8s distributions, Docker, JFrog)
Serverless solutions (e.g. Logic Apps, Function Apps, Functions, WebJobs, AWS Lambda)
Logging and monitoring tools (e.g., Fluentd,Prometheus, Grafana, Azure Monitor, Log Analytics)
Network Security (e.g. Azure Policy, Active Directory/RBAC, ACLs, NSG rules, private endpoints)
Big Data Analytics (e.g., Databricks, Synapse)

Other Desirable Professional Experience and Skills:

Strong and enthusiastic technologist, able to demonstrate broad technical cloud knowledge
Ability to act as a point of expertise, sharing knowledge and advising on best practices
Strong budgeting/finance skills and experience with cost management
Multi-component system integration and troubleshooting
Performance analysis and tuning
Secrets management (Prefer Hashicorp Vault; Related: Azure Key Vault, Secrets Manager)
Kubernetes service meshes (Prefer Linkerd; Related: Istio, Traefik mesh)
Coding/scripting (e.g., Linux/Bash/Sh, Windows/PowerShell/Batch, Python, Java)
Event handling (e.g., Kafka, Rabbit MQ, Redis Streams, Event Hubs, Service Bus)
Load balancing and service proxies (e.g., Nginx, Traefik, HAProxy, F5)
Other products in use: Jira, Confluence, Azure Storage Explorer, MySQL Workbench, Maven

Basic Professional Experience and Skills:

Knowledge of SDLC and change control, and associated procedures
Common source code control tools and repositories (e.g., Git/GitHub/GitLab, VS Code, SVN)
Ability to describe and discuss technical solutions with various audiences

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