Software Development Engineer - Backend

Company Name Confidential
0-4 years
1550000 - 1820000 INR
2 months ago 452 Applied
Job Description



1. **Programming Proficiency**:
- Excellent knowledge of Python and/or Java, with the ability to write clean, efficient code.

2. **HTTP Understanding**:
- In-depth understanding of HTTP protocols and their implementations.

3. **Code Quality**:
- Passion for writing elegant, maintainable, and well-documented code.

4. **Debugging and Optimization**:
- Strong debugging skills to identify and resolve issues efficiently.
- Ability to optimize code for performance improvement.

5. **Rapid Prototyping**:
- Proficiency in rapid prototyping to gather early feedback and iterate on designs.

6. **Experience**:
- 1 to 3 years of experience in backend development, demonstrating practical expertise in building scalable solutions.

7. **Deployment Skills**:
- Experience with deployment and configuration management tools would be advantageous.

8. **Frontend Knowledge**:
- Familiarity with frontend technologies for web, Android, or iOS platforms would be beneficial.

9. **Open Source Contribution**:
- Contribution to open-source projects or development of projects from scratch would be a significant advantage, showcasing initiative and collaborative skills.

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