Senior Software Test Engineer - Test lead, required in CANADA & AUSTRALIA

3-8 years
311 Applied
Job Description

#1) He must be able to identify how his test teams align within an organization and how his team would achieve the roadmap identified for the project and the organization.

#2) He needs to identify the scope of the testing required for a particular release based on the requirements of the document.

#3) Put out the Test Plan after discussions with the test team and have it reviewed and approved by the Management/ Development team.

#4) Must identify the required metrics and work to have them in place. These metrics could be an inherent goal for the test team.

#5) Must identify the testing effort required by calculating the sizing needed for the given release and plan the required effort for the same.

#6) Figure out what skills are required and balance the test resources accordingly with those needs based on their own interests as well. And also identify if there are any skill gaps and plan for training & education sessions for the identified test resources.

#7) Identify the tools for Test Reporting, Test Management, Test Automation, etc. and educate the team on how to use those tools. Again, plan knowledge transfer sessions if required to the team members for the tools that they would use.

#8) Retaining skilled resources by instilling leadership in them and offer guidance to the junior resources as and when required thereby enabling them to grow.