Senior Manager.Procurement

10-15 years
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Job Description

  • A senior manager in procurement is a professional who oversees and manages the procurement process within an organization
  • Their primary responsibility is to ensure the efficient and cost-effective acquisition of goods and services while maintaining high standards of quality and compliance
  • Here are some key roles and responsibilities of a senior manager in procurement:Strategic Planning: They develop procurement strategies aligned with the organization's goals and objectives
  • This involves analyzing market trends, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and developing sourcing strategies to meet the organization's needs
  • Vendor Management: They establish and maintain relationships with suppliers and vendors
  • This includes evaluating vendor performance, negotiating contracts and terms, and resolving any issues or disputes that may arise
  • Procurement Processes: They design and implement procurement processes and procedures to streamline purchasing activities
  • This involves developing and maintaining procurement policies, ensuring compliance with regulations, and optimizing procurement workflows
  • Budgeting and Cost Control: They collaborate with finance teams to develop procurement budgets, track expenditures, and implement cost-saving measures
  • They monitor spending, analyze cost trends, and identify areas where savings can be achieved without compromising quality
  • Risk Management: They assess and mitigate procurement risks, such as supply chain disruptions, supplier quality issues, or price fluctuations
  • They develop contingency plans, implement risk mitigation strategies, and monitor the performance of suppliers to ensure continuity of supply

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