Senior Engineer / Assistant Manager - Product Supply Chain

0-2 years
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Job Description


  • General
  1. Work collaboratively across Supply Chain team as well as with internal and external suppliers, departments and strategic business units to create end-to-end supply chain plan that reflect all stakeholders inputs and support products launch or cost reduction efforts.
  2. Develop and execute robust, accurate and on-time supply chain plans by implementing the product supply chain processes across the Understand - Design - Plan and Execute methodology.
  3. Create cohesive supply chain programs and plans with identifiable critical path, task dependencies, and major milestones, and manages the approved plans and schedules.
  4. Track supply chain metrics to measure cost, service, quality and efficiency tied to Project budgets.
  • Understand / Design:
  1. Understand the cost drivers for the categories of materials & services.
  2. Leverage Competition among suppliers.
  3. Evaluate and Execute Make V/S Buy opportunities.
  4. Align with Product Supply Chain Functional Leader to develop partners of choice relationships with the preferred strategic suppliers in line with the Category Strategy andSupplier Development, Foundry/Forging Developmentfor consolidation.
  5. Plan for growth and capacity requirements, leverage on supplier capabilities for on-time-to-market, cost and launch readiness.
  6. Align Suppliers to the Strategy by completing due diligence on any new suppliers and finalize the panel of suppliers to invite to drive cost reduction programs. Host Initial Gate Review - Gate -I
  • Plan / Execute:
    1. Collaborate with Operations department to perform make or buy analyses. Challenge if the new material, process or service fit within the current internal network, or should be outsourced.
    2. Complete BOM Cost Reduction Analysis / Should Cost Analysis and create RFP / RFQ documents.
    3. Complete Initial RFQ Analysis and prepare a TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) Model and review with Stakeholders to evaluate cost down opportunity.
    4. Complete Cost Tensioning using E-Sourcing and conduct Gate - 2 review prior to make an award decision together with - SBU, Supply and Operations Teams involvement.
    5. Set up dual or multi-source if new product demand exceeds supply and manage RCCP.
    6. Complete Formal Award and follow-up with a MSA / MBUSA signoff with the selected supplier to cover manage ongoing relationship and minimize risks to the business. Actively Participate in the monthly Buyer Report out meeting to support P&IC managers, buyer/planners and quality managers through fast resolution of escalated / repetitive supplier




product supply chain
make or buy analyses
quality managers
foundry/forging development
BOM cost reduction analysis