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At Visteon, the work we do is both relevant and recognized-not just by our organization, but by our peers, by industry-leading brands, and by millions of drivers around the world. That's YOUR work.

And, as a truly global technology leader in the mobility space, focused on building cross-functional AND cross-cultural teams, we connect you with people who help you grow.

So here, whatever we do is not a job. It's a mission. As amulti-billion-dollarleader of disruptive change in the industry, we areshapingthe future, while enabling a cleaner environment.No other industry offers more fast-paced change and opportunity. We are in the midst of a mobility revolution that will completely change the way we interact with our vehicles, reduce the number of car accidents and fatalities, and make the world a cleaner place.

Visteon is at the epicenter of this mobility revolution.

Two major trends in the automotive industry - the shift to electric vehicles and vehicles with autonomous safety technologies - have created unique opportunities for Visteon. We are the only automotive provider focused exclusively on cockpit electronics - the fastest-growing segment in the industry.

And our team is ready for YOU. To show the world what you can do.

Position: SAP EWM Lead

As the SAP EWM and Logistics Process Specialist, you will play a crucial role in optimizing outbound and inbound logistics processes within our organization. Your mission is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our logistics operations, leveraging SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) expertise and best practices. You will be responsible for streamlining workflows and ensuring seamless integration with other systems to drive a well-coordinated logistics network.


Develop and implement logistics strategies to optimize outbound and inbound processes, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.

Utilize your SAP EWM proficiency to configure, customize, and maintain the system to meet specific business requirements.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand logistics needs, gather requirements, and provide solutions to improve overall supply chain performance.

Oversee the implementation and integration of logistics-related systems, including Signavio and Tricentis, to enhance process automation and efficiency.

Analyze data and key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions to optimize logistics processes.

Lead training sessions to educate end-users on new system functionalities and logistics best practices.

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and company policies, focusing on safety, security, and environmental guidelines.

Key Experience Required:

Proven track record with 8-10 years of experience in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and logistics process optimization.

Hands-on experience working with Signavio and Tricentis tools, leveraging them for process modeling and test automation.

Strong understanding of logistics operations, including inbound and outbound processes, inventory management, and transportation management.

Demonstrated expertise in configuring and customizing SAP EWM modules to align with business needs.

Experience in leading logistics improvement projects and driving change within an organization.

Technical and Functional Competencies:

Proficiency in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) module, including system configuration, integration, and optimization.

In addition to the above, the candidate should have in-depth technical skills in the following areas:

Master Data:

Configuration and maintenance of master data in SAP EWM, including material master, storage bin master, and business partner master.

Understanding and implementation of data validation and data cleansing procedures to ensure data accuracy.


Knowledge of inbound logistics processes, including goods receipt, inspection, and quality management integration.

Expertise in setting up receiving rules, put-away strategies, and handling units.

Put Away:

Configuration of put-away strategies, including fixed bin, open bin, and next empty bin strategies.

Experience in defining put-away rules based on criteria such as material characteristics, storage conditions, and stock categorization.


Implementation of picking strategies, such as wave picking, batch picking, and zone-based picking.

Familiarity with pick point determination and pick path optimization to minimize travel time.

Packing and Shipment:

Expertise in configuring packing stations and defining packing rules to ensure efficient and compliant packing processes.

Knowledge of shipment processing, carrier selection, and integration with transportation management systems.


Bachelor's degree in engineering, Information Technology, Operations or a related field

SAP Certification in Extended Warehouse Management module (EWM) is preferred.

Leadership Principles:

Proactive approach to problem-solving and ability to take initiative in identifying opportunities for process enhancement.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams.

Ability to lead and motivate teams to achieve common logistics goals.

Adaptable and open to embracing change while promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Behavioral Competencies:

Strong analytical mindset with attention to detail.

Resilience and ability to handle pressure in a fast-paced logistics environment.

Excellent organizational skills to prioritize tasks effectively.

Commitment to maintaining a high level of professionalism and ethical standards.

More Good Reasons to Work for Visteon Focusing on the Future

Our company strategy focuses on leading the evolution of automotive digital cockpits and safety solutions. This strategy is driven by constant innovation, and you will support our efforts through your role. We are recognized across the industry for innovation. We have a strong book of business that is expected to drive future growth, along with a customer base that includes almost every automotive manufacturer in the world.

Company Culture

Working at Visteon is a journey in which our employees can develop their strengths and advance their careers while making a difference globally. Join us and help change the world and how we interact with our vehicles. Visteon is where the best technical talent creates the future. Learn more about our culture

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Visteon offers competitive salaries and benefits and an environment that encourages employees to achieve their career goals.

About Visteon

Visteon is a global technology company serving the mobility industry, dedicated to creating a more enjoyable, connected and safe driving experience. The company's platforms leverage proven, scalable hardware and software solutions that enable the digital, electric, and autonomous evolution of our global automotive customers. Visteon products align with key industry trends and include digital instrument clusters, displays, Android-based infotainment systems, domain controllers, advanced driver assistance systems and battery management systems. The company is headquartered in Van Buren Township, Michigan, and has approximately 10,000 employees at more than 40 facilities in 18 countries. Visteon reported sales of approximately $2.8 billion and booked $5.1 billion of new business in 2021.Learn more at .

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Dedicated: Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity
Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well
Enthusiastic: Shows intense and eager enjoyment and interest




SAP Extended Warehouse Management
shipment processing
quality management integration
transportation management systems
ethical standards
inbound logistics processes
pick point determination
put-away strategies
pick path optimization
motivate teams
outbound processes
analytical mindset
packing stations

Visteon helped the industry move beyond hard buttons and knobs to touch screens and haptic controllers. Today, we&#8217&#x3B;re the first in the industry to address the proliferation of electronic control units (ECUs) through our SmartCore&#8482&#x3B; cockpit domain controller solution. Now, another transformation is underway, driven by requirements for autonomous vehicles. This new phase will be characterized by technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, driver monitoring and interior sensing. We&#8217&#x3B;re participating in this new era of technology in the same place we&#8217&#x3B;ve always been &#8211&#x3B; the fast lane.

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