React.JS Developer for Bangalore / Noida at foundit

2-6 years
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Job Description

JOB DESCRIPTION React.Js Developer


foundit, formerly known as Monster APAC & ME. We have over 3 decades of experience in enabling and connecting the right talent to the right opportunity.
With operations across 18 countries, we serve more than 70 million job seekers and 50,000 recruiters on the platform. We are driven by a shared mission, a clear plan and a culture to win the trust of recruiters and job seekers by consistently solving for their needs in finding the right match.

We are currently expanding our technology team and looking for enthusiastic React.JS Developer with Solid team management experience and expertise in growing people and engineering teams and possess a can-do attitude, who can lead different products and projects of portal. foundit provides a fast-paced and challenging work environment with best in industry compensation.

About the role:

Job Title: React.JS Developer

Bengaluru / Bangalore ,
3-6 years

Job Description

A React.JS Developer is responsible for designing, developing, and optimizing search systems to facilitate efficient and accurate retrieval of information from large datasets. They work with search engines and search-related technologies to enhance search functionality, improve the relevancy of search results, and ensure a seamless user experience. Search engineers collaborate with cross-functional teams, including software engineers, data scientists, and product managers, to understand requirements and implement effective search solutions.

Software/Senior Software Engineer - React.JS:

Minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience in software development, with a strong focus on React.JS, Node.js, Vue.js, and Thymeleaf.
Proven experience in building scalable web applications using React.JS, Node.js, Vue.js, and Thymeleaf.
Solid understanding of SEO principles and techniques, with the ability to implement SEO best practices for web applications.
Proficiency in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Experience with RESTful API development and integration.
Strong knowledge of database systems (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB) and SQL/NoSQL databases.

If Interested then kindly share your updated profile at [Confidential Information]

To this end, we have brought many products to market going beyond our core product of the job search engine.

Some examples are
Zuno (to help find the right internships and make students career ready).
Skillyst, designed to help candidates assess skills and stand out to recruiters.
Employer branding solutions designed to attract the right talent

[ Work culture & Diversity]

Best in class compensation and generous ESOPs
Focus on employee wellbeing & safety
Truly international work culture with employees in 6 countries and nationalities
Gender diversity with 34% of the team being women, with a goal of 40% in 2024
Accelerated career trajectory with access to world class training
Hybrid work culture to ensure you will be at your productive best

In essence, our brand promise is that we want to be platform that curates the path to possibilities for job seekers and recruiters to find exactly what they seek and be able to say found it

About foundit Marketing team

Based out of Bengaluru, India, the marketing team at foundit a dynamic and creative group of professionals who are passionate about driving brand awareness and engagement for our company. With a deep understanding of both traditional and digital marketing techniques, our team is dedicated to creating innovative campaigns that reach and resonate with our target audience.
We are strategic thinkers who are constantly exploring new ways to increase our online presence and reach potential customers through engaging and meaningful content. Whether it's through social media, email marketing, PR, or thought leadership pieces, we are always looking for ways to create a buzz around foundit and help drive business objectives.
We believe in data-driven decision making and use analytics to track our progress and measure the success of our campaigns. Our team is highly collaborative, and we work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that all aspects of our marketing efforts are aligned with the overall goals of the company.

More than 10 Million jobseekers visit foundit every month to find the job they seek. Each minute 300+ job searches take place and over 4.5 Million jobs are applied every quarter on the platform. In the last 6 months alone, more than 2 Million new jobseekers joined foundit.

Close to 1 Million jobseekers viewed nearly 2.5 Million pages in the last 6 months on average. About 300,000 new jobseekers have joined foundit and nearly 150,000 job applications were sent through the platform.

One of the popular talent platforms in Singapore, foundit is trusted by nearly 2.5 Million jobseekers in the country. On average 500,000 job seekers visit the platform every month. In the last 3 months nearly 7 Million pages were viewed.

One of the popular talent platforms in Malaysia, foundit is trusted by nearly 1.6 Million jobseekers in the country. On average 310,000 jobseekers visit the platform every month. In the last 3 months nearly 4.7 Million pages were viewed.

One of the popular talent platforms in the Philippines, foundit is trusted by nearly 2.8 Million jobseekers in the country. On average 700,000 jobseekers visit the platform every month. In the last 3 months nearly 7 Million pages were viewed.


Foundit has 200-member strong technology team and growing. In an endeavour to constantly challenge ourselves, team constantly works on innovative projects to enhance existing products as well as create new products that positively impacts utility for the job seekers and the recruiters. Our core technology is on Java, Springboot, Python with Microservices based architecture. This helps us to build/deploy/scale even faster. Our Database is on Cassandra, Mongo DB; our hosting platform is on Kubernetes. Our new technology Platforms are powered by AI and ML. We are backed by some really strong tech geeks who have joined us from Amazon, Deloitte, LinkedIn, ADP India, Byjus, Embibe etc. and are also from premium Engineering Colleges.

Product and Design

Foundit has a 20+ strong Product and Design team, that works across a range of products in the recruitment-tech space with the aim of making foundit the market-leading talent platform. Our suite of products includes those that are in the B2B/SaaS space aimed at companies and recruiters looking to find the right talent, as well as B2C products aimed at job-seekers as well as college students. The Product team counts successful entrepreneurs and talent from top product companies among its numbers, and works in a fast-paced, data and insights driven, open environment.






foundit, formerly Monster (APAC & ME), is a leading talent platform offering comprehensive employment solutions to recruiters and job seekers across APAC & ME. Since its inception, the company has been assisting over 70 million registered users to find jobs, upskill, and connect with the right opportunities across 18 countries with an operating workforce of 750+ .

Over the last two decades, the company has been a catalyst in the world of recruitment solutions with advanced technology, seeking to efficiently bridge the talent gap across industry verticals, experience levels, and geographies. Today, foundit is committed to enabling and connecting the right talent with the right opportunities by harnessing the power of deep tech to sharpen hyper-personalized job searches, and precision hiring.