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Job Description

Job Role: MongoDB Developer
Job Overview: We are seeking a skilled MongoDB Developer to join our dynamic development team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in database design, data modeling, and MongoDB development. As a MongoDB Developer, you will play a key role in designing and implementing robust, scalable, and high-performance MongoDB databases to support our applications.
Database Design and Modeling:
Design, create, and maintain MongoDB databases.
Develop data models and schema designs that meet application requirements.
Database Development:
Write efficient and performant MongoDB queries.
Implement data validations, indexing, and other database optimizations.
Collaborate with software developers to integrate MongoDB databases into applications.
Data Security and Integrity:
Implement and enforce data security measures.
Ensure data integrity and consistency within MongoDB databases.
Performance Tuning:
Monitor and optimize database performance.
Identify and address performance issues.
Plan and implement strategies for database scalability.
Work on sharding and replication for horizontal scaling.
Data Migration:
Assist in data migration and ensure smooth transitions between database versions.
Maintain comprehensive documentation of database designs, schemas, and configurations.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams including software developers, system administrators, and analysts.
Provide technical guidance and support to team members.

Strong understanding of NoSQL databases and MongoDB architecture.
Proficiency in MongoDB query language.
Knowledge of data modeling and database design principles.
Familiarity with database indexing strategies and optimization techniques.
Experience in integrating MongoDB with applications.
Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
Strong understanding and querying with MongoDB aggregation framework.
Experience with MongoDB Atlas or other MongoDB cloud services.
Knowledge of Atlas Triggers, functions and database schedulers.
Knowledge of other database technologies (e.g., SQL databases).
Knowledge of schema validation rules.

About the Organization
ONPASSIVE is a cutting-edge AI Technology Company specializing in developing fully autonomous Software as a Service (SaaS) products for our esteemed global clientele operating in 190+ countries - unleashing the Power of AI Globally. Our expertise lies in utilizing the most advanced AI software technologies to create innovative solutions that provide a distinct competitive advantage and fresh perspectives for businesses facing complex challenges in the realms of technology. Our extensive array of AI products and solutions is geared towards ushering in a digital transformation for businesses worldwide. At ONPASSIVE, we specialize in developing innovative products and digital transformation strategies that enable businesses to reimagine their operating models, enhance operational efficiency, and provide exceptional customer experiences. Our goal at ONPASSIVE is to unlock the full potential of revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions that are not only easy to use but also highly adaptable and scalable.

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