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Bajaj Finserv


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Job Description

Job Purpose

There are 3 parts of this role:

  • Lead the digital experience practice for Investment & Insurance portfolio for App & Web
  • Measurement of digital customer experience on App & Web platforms of the company
  • Define the event map and overall experience analysis for customer journeys.
  • Co-create the overall DCX approach for all digital platforms.
  • Define customised CX & design playbooks for the portfolio
  • Integrate the playbook rules into the technology platform event map
  • Lead the Design practice for Investment & Insurance portfolio for App & Web
  • Implement the User Interface Design, Interactions Design, Assistance Framework and Animation Design domains for the portfolio
  • Build a team of domain experts to lead the above practices.
  • Integrate principles of the above practices across all digital platforms of the company
  • Set up CX as a business driver contributing to business volumes
  • Define an overarching model with clear principles of linkages between CX and business volume for the portfolio
  • Operationalise the A/B Testing technology platform to create next-best journey paths (NBJPs)
  • Operationalise the rapid prototyping environment to test the NBJPs
  • Work with front-end technology teams to carry out journey optimizations across App & Web
  • Contribute 15% of the overall business volume through CX optimizations across App & Web

Duties And Responsibilities


Omnichannel CX

Omnichannel is essential to succeed in the digital age. Understand the entire customer journey lifecycle and enable effortless interactions across all digital touchpoints. Knowing and enhancing the backend systems and bringing offline experiences, online

Customer Journey Maps

Building an ideal digital customer experience journey map with friction points, solutions, customer effort vs output and KPIs to consciously improve journeys and increase engagement on digital platforms is required

CX Tools and Impact

Implementing CX tools and trends for both App & Web in the field of technology, design and experience analytics. Leveraging these tools for customer insights and building a business-driving revenue model. In the long term, building a CX automation approach would be a key aspect of our experience strategy

CX & Design Practices

Scale the practices of Experience Design, Visual Design, User profiles-based Customer Journey Management, Experience Analytics, UX content

CX metrics

With a customer mindset and business focus, identify and prioritize CX opportunities along the various touchpoints to deliver continuous improvement of the customer journeys as measured through Digital Experience Score (DXS) and Task Success Rate (TSR)

  • Building and expanding the practice of product-wise customer journey management across pre-buy, buy and service journeys for both our Apps and Web for the B2B ^ Cards portfolio
  • Identifying pain points and opportunities to envision experiences across the entire digital journey and give innovative CX solutions to address the same
  • Create artifacts as reusable tools to democratise the creation and maintenance of CJM within the organization with key stakeholders like COEs, product and platform owners and performance business managers (e.g. current and future state journey maps, service blueprints, future state concepts, personas and mindsets)
  • Implement CJM with experience metrics, CX logics, user emotions, actions and pain points, capturing all journeys, touchpoints and scenarios of positive, negative and neutral experiences
  • Build a frame of creating new and innovative experience-enhancing tools like simulators, interactive buying guides, journey-based calculators to assist customers better

Experience analytics practice

  • Spearhead a team to scale up the practice of experience analytics for the B2B and Cards portfolio for both App & Web
  • Implement the model of both implicit (behavioural) and explicit (Voice of Customer) experience analytics
  • Operationalise what input metrics would be used for experience analysis, hence removing the overload of looking at hundreds of data points
  • Put to practice the key output metrics like Digital Experience Score & Task Success Rate|
  • Create a model of how improving an experience on digital asset will lead to improvement in business funnel, thus impacting revenue
  • Create an experience dashboard and reporting structure to help democratise the analysis and actions thereof to COEs, platform owners, product manager and business teams
  • Set-up an alert mechanism and which teams to send what alerts to, to help address critical experience issues immediately

Experience segments, integrations and patterns

  • Build a segmentation frame to understand user behaviour basis type of customer (ETB, PTB, NTB), products, channels, demographics
  • Ensure experience analysis is approached through the integration of multiple data streams in the CX tool like Medallia, Google Analytics, Clever Tap, Data lake
  • Identifying and integrating segments from these data streams mentioned above to observe user behaviours and take the actions thereof
  • Observe and bucket user behaviour patterns basis customer pain points at product and portfolio level (Web & App)
  • User patterns frame should be built holistically keeping all experience parameters in mind, namely usability testing, implicit, explicit behaviours, UX research both qualitative and quantitative

Experience Optimisations

  • Operationalise CX solutioning and optimisations model based on design, content, journey, interactions, assistance and other practices to solve for the user pain points
  • Derive insights in order to drive action and impact by providing compelling narratives and artefacts; to deliver a continuous optimisations and improvements of the digital platforms and integrate this as a part of the sprint cycle for Web and App
  • Optimisations should be crafted basis data points from experience analysis and the UX audit checklist Design to build a zero-error environment for users
  • Extend this frame of experience optimisations for the digital assets to COEs and platforms owners and democratise this as part of their delivery
  • Set a process for the above with maker, checker and approver matrix from CX team
  • Model these optimisations with the output metrics of experience analytics to measure KPIs and impact

Experience A/B testing (on-asset)

  • Implement the on-asset and rapid prototyping A/B testing model for the B2B and cards portfolio
  • Extending this experience analytics framework bring the A/B testing as part of continuously building newer and improved versions of what exists
  • A/B testing (on-asset) should be built for Web pages & App screens consisting but not limited to design, UX content, component hierarchy, customers paths and more
  • Implement the KPI model to measure the success of an experiment and its impact
  • Every year build a pool of 100+ ready-to-deploy improved and alternate customer paths for delivering not only better experiences but drive business revenue|4. UX DESIGN

Data, UX research & A/B testing driven UX design for App & Web

  • Lead and implement the Experience design practice with best usage of UX Design Thinking, Interaction, Interface Design & Service Design principles for the portfolio of Investment & Insurance
  • Build a data-first based approach to design with experience being at the heart of it

Build & implement the CX logics and Customer Journey Map (CJM) approach

  • Implement the first principles of CX logics, customer scenarios for every journey/module design. Bring this as part of every build and change management module
  • Implementing a practice of a detailed CJMs, capturing every user scenario, touch point, user emotions, personas, and journey thereof
  • Be able to break-down complex experience analysis and present a compelling vision for design change
  • Ensure all development is built first-time right from CX perspective addressing all customer pain points and use cases

UX design and new practices

  • Own the ongoing enhancement of templates through the addition of new UX modules
  • Propose solutions that balance user's needs, business objectives and technological constraints
  • Build a mindset of innovation, benchmarks, best practices to deliver pathbreaking designs to make the users digital experience frictionless, easy, and delightful
  • Define and track design metrics to measure the success of design and devise methods for continuous improvement
  • Continuously bring the latest nuances from the world of design, interactions, animation, and usability
  • Bring together the data analytics team, product, and business managers to understand information needs/gaps for better delivery

Operationalise the UI design practice

  • Elevate UI design as an Experience design practice within the CX unit
  • Expand and scale the current UI design system to bring in more efficiencies in deliveries and customisation for B2B and cards businesses
  • Make the practice of referencing latest trends in design a day-to-day affair to stay ahead in the way FinTechs deliver experience on their assets
  • Bring teams from UI, CX, technology and data together to collaborate and creatively build the best-in-class user interface for our Web and App
  • Structure the UI logic document with CX logics, tech and data logics so as to build a first-time right delivery frame

Integrate technology with UI design practice

  • Integrate technology with design to bring forth the efficiencies of UI components. On how it's built, its usage across assets and even how it is named in AEM, data layer and in the design system itself
  • Update the design system basis what has been developed eventually to maintain, document and store one single source of truth

Scaling up the UX content practice customised to B2B and cards portfolio

Create a data-based UX content frame of how we engage with our users on digital platforms, basis the product-wise user personas/target groups.|Scaling this practice to build a frictionless experiences on our digital platforms via assistance, multi-format, and simple to understand content

Measuring UX content impact

Develop a model to measure the effectiveness of UX content and how to improve, customise and experiment via A/B testing. Build impact analysis on Task Success Rate and how to increase the engagement and reduce the frustration scores


Co-create a robust CX stack

Continuously expand the horizons of CX technology stack with industry best tools and practices. Collaborate with not just internal technology teams (MarTech and IT) but also their partners to understand and implement what could be build better to understand user behaviour.

Achieve the goal of creating a sound CX tech-stack that showcases how and why users are behaving a certain way, and take actions to improve user experience thereof. Tools for experience analytics (sampled base), quantitative customer data points (absolute base) and A/B testing needs to be operationalised for both Web and App

Integrations of tools and data systems

Work with the technology and data teams of Web and App to integrate tools and platforms like GA, CleverTap, CDP with Medallia and A/B testing tool for creating more insightful patterns of user behaviour. Dissecting experience patterns across user and customer segments to arrive at themes and actions for optimisations should be done

Integration of CX in the development lifecycle

Collaborate with the development teams of our App and Web to not only set a process of how experience optimisations would be taken live as part of the monthly/quarterly sprint cycle but also how CX can seamlessly be integrated as part of the Build cycle.

Additionally, the winners of the confidence-scored A/B tests should become part of the development lifecycle so that taking these experience-optimised-new-customer paths become a way of life for our company

  • Build strong working model with Business heads, COEs heads, Platform heads and Performance marketing heads across company for the B2B and cards portfolio
  • Build a model of monthly cadence with stakeholders to ideate, co-create and democratise the practice of CX & design
  • Additionally, build a strong working model for cross-functional teams across company to help integrate CX in their everyday business operation
  • Build relationships with MarTech & IT teams to leverage their expertise of technology and systems and integrate with the CX practice
  • Inspire and influence others to think differently, solve problems, and seize opportunities
  • Work with cross-functional teams to set and achieve targets
  • Determine individual training needs & development plans to build expertise and enhance skills
  • Set objectives, conduct reviews, and close appraisal processes for the team as per timelines
  • |
  • Participate in selection process to identify the right talent at senior positions within the function
  • Attract, recruit, and lead digital talent who will help drive connected goals by using a consultative and engaging style that encourages active listening, constructive dialogue, and gains commitment
  • Identify organizational gaps within the marketing team to achieve company objectives. Plan, recruit, retain, and build capacity accordingly
  • Ensure continuous training of team on new technology/product/processes being adapted to ensure adequate implementation of change
  • Design professional growth plans for managing and retaining top performers and key leaders in the function
  • Integrate cross linked KRAs across the team to ensure ownership and smooth functioning
  • Direct and mentor the team to drive operation excellence throughout project implementation.
  • Hands-on project management collaborate with clients, media owners, agency partners and internal specialist teams to ensure all deliverables are met/launched on time with the experience.

Key Decisions / Dimensions

  • How to customise the various CX frameworks from B2B and Cards standpoint and context
  • Defining the processes and KPIs for the unit
  • Setting experience priorities for both App & Web platforms based on experience data
  • Designing customer journeys end-to-end and based on customer pain point analysis and when to take what optimisations live on the platforms, based on severity
  • What experience measurement KPIs to measure at what customer touchpoints
  • Tech and data integration requirements for delivering better experiences
  • Digital experience enhancement capabilities and strategy and their deployment thereof

Major Challenges

  • Leading the ambition of first-ever Digital Customer Experience (DCX) practice in Bajaj Finserv for both App & Web, for Investment & Insurance and building a strong foundation of the same
  • Create model to identify and operationalise user behaviour patterns at a portfolio level and individually cut across the businesses/categories like Credit Card, EMI Card, Health EMI Card, B2B marketplace (Bajaj Mall), B2B categories of electronics, lifestyle, etc.
  • Driving CX through metrics. Not only measuring every experience impact via DXS and TSR but also ultimately building a revenue impact model with every optimisation and A/B test
  • Changing the mindset across the company from business-only to business with CX is one of the biggest challenges.
  • Evangelizing the CX mindset and empowering every team member of COE, product, platform and business managers with tools, experience data dashboards, playbooks and more is going to be uphill task
  • Integrating the CX practices and playbooks in the CICD deployment
  • Boost the already set-up design practice with new domains of interactions design, assistance framework, animations and service design
  • Implementing the A/B testing methodology and technology to conduct 100 tests a year for the portfolio
  • Deploy the CX practice and frameworks the Investment & Insurance portfolio


Required Qualifications and Experience

  • Post-graduation in Business Management from a Tier 1 B school, with marketing/digital marketing specialisation
  • Degree and relevant experience in UX Design, Experience Analytics, Digital Marketing, Human-Computer Interaction, Human Factors, Data Analytics, or related fields
  • Proficient working knowledge in HCI research methods, data analytics, multivariate statistics, and behavioural analysis

Work Experience

  • 12+ years of overall experience with minimum of 6 years of experience in managing user experience
  • Must have at least 6 years experience in core Customer experience, servicing, UX in Digital space
  • Must have executed projects in tune to 10+ people and for a scalable business model
  • Must have done large scale transformation projects with a direct impact on revenue and customer base
  • A confident communicator and eloquent in presenting/selling-in ideas to internal stakeholders, clients and agency partners.

Skills Keywords

UX Design, Experience Design, Customer Journey Management, UX Research, Rapid Prototyping, Experience analytics, Data Analytics, A/B testing, Concept/Feature Testing, Usability Testing, UX content


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