law enforcement outreach specialist

8-10 years
a month ago 2 Applied
Job Description

what will you do

  • provide hands-on support to our legal & operations team on all law enforcement related matters, including engaging with local law enforcement, enabling the operations team to share information in the correct format
  • provide strategic and proactive advise to the operations team, CS team & business teams at CRED
  • build trust and goodwill for CRED within the law enforcement community through direct and indirect engagements on investigation and other initiatives such as trainings etc.
  • build a network of consultants who can assist and advice CRED on handling of law enforcement related matters
  • ensure legal risk is managed in accordance with CRED's appetite and regulatory framework
  • provide other operational support as may be required to support CRED in India and build a long term relationship with law enforcement agencies

  • you should apply if you:

  • possess 8+ years of relevant experience, ideally with a top tech company in handling enforcement agencies
  • hold substantive knowledge and expertise in criminal law related matters gained either in private practice or from hands-on, in-house experience with a multinational company
  • have an established network with law enforcement agencies across the country and an ability to build quick rapport with government officials
  • possess excellent business judgement, communication and interpersonal skills



    Job Source:

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