GAR Billing Operations Management SME, Financial Operations

5-7 years
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Job Description


Global AR Finance Operations is looking for a Finance Specialist to join and help launch a new service vertical of Billing Operations Management (BOM). The role would be focused on building for the first time a robust customer master data maintenance system and reporting framework. Successful candidates would be responsible for coordinating with multiple stakeholders both upstream and within Finance operations to ensure accurate and current customer billing and contact details in order to drive first time right invoicing and positive free cash flow improvement. This role requires attention to detail, working through ambiguity, strong analytical skills, the ability to analyze customer data records and align to set controls/governance. The primary focus of the role is to maintain customer data integrity, streamline billing processes, and support accurate financial reporting.

Key job responsibilities
. Maintain accurate customer information in the accounts receivable system, including billing addresses, contact details, and payment terms. Regularly review and update customer records to ensure accuracy and completeness.
. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as sales, customer service, and IT, to identify opportunities for streamlining the billing process. Develop and implement improvements to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of billing operations.
. Perform data quality checks on customer billing details to ensure completeness, consistency, and adherence to established standards. Identify and resolve discrepancies or anomalies in customer data promptly.
. Generate reports and conduct data analysis related to customer billing information. Provide insights and recommendations to improve billing processes, enhance revenue collection, and mitigate risks associated with inaccurate or incomplete data.
. Ensure compliance with applicable financial regulations and internal controls related to customer data management.
Comprehensive documentation of billing processes and data maintenance activities.
. Collaborate with internal stakeholders, such as sales, finance, and IT teams, to address customer-related data issues and ensure effective communication and resolution. Establish strong working relationships with key stakeholders to support accurate billing and financial operations.
. Perform data entry and contact corrections while focusing on an long-term vision to automate the processes

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Maharashtra, MH, IND


- 5+ years of finance experience
- Knowledge of standard software including Excel, Access, Oracle, Essbase, SQL and VBA skills
- Experience using data to influence business decisions


- 2+ years of participating in continuous improvement projects in your team to scale and improve controllership with measurable results experience
- Experience in TM1, Data Warehouse and SQL

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