Fresher Full stack developer (work from home)

0-2 years
300000 - 400000 INR
614 Applied
Job Description

- We require some who comes with a wide range of experience in the LAMP stack. Our software can be very complex, so be prepared.
- We mainly use Javascript/jQuery for our frontend mainstay, so you would be required to gain proficiency on this as well.
- We use a couple of database systems, MySQL and Apache Solr. You would be expected to become comfortable in their use, deployment and scaling.
- Our devs are mini-server admins as well and you would need to learn how to work through a Linux terminal.
- We rigorously document our entire codebase, so you will be expected to document A LOT!
- We would prefer a candidate who can demonstrate creative live projects and has a Github profile they can show off. Although, this is not required.

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