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Job Description

Plan, coordinate, implement and monitor all mining operations to ensure achievement of mining production targets with safe & environment friendly operations at budgeted cost fulfilling statutory compliances.

Job Context & Major Challenges: Production: Ensure 13500 TPD Limestone & 3000 MT TPD Clay supply to cement plant despite very high Avg. lead of Avg. 11 Kms in limestone & Avg. 6 kms in clay which passes through National Highway & Village roads.
Quality Management : Balancing multiple critical parameters i.e. LSF, SO3, CL & Fe2O3 in multi-pit mining operations of Limestone and Clay MINES without compromising Quality.
Cost Management: Keep variable & fixed cost for limestone within budget despite increase in lead & diesel rate hike by realizing productivity improvement, fleet optimization & fuel reduction.
Statutory compliance: Compliances related to Safety & Environmental requirements amidst recent/frequent changes in regulatory/statutory norms amongst 2 limestone, 1 clay & 1 laterite mining lease.
Local constraints Managing local issues to ensure un-interrupted production from mining pits & capture encroached mining area from locals required for mining amicably.
Water Management: Being located at water-scarce area, Plan & develop mines to allow rainwater Storage in mined out pits enabling use of stored water for plantation & dust suppression.

Production at Budgeted Cost

- Seamless coordination, review & monitoring with QC, RMHS & Process to enable team in dispatch of required Quality & Quantity of limestone
- Enable team with optimum resources to plan, coordinate & execute operation of HEMM & Stacker.
Enable team to optimize lead distance, productivity improvement & fuel reduction to keep cost within budget

Mine Development

- Suggest strategy for land procurement. Coordinate with land dept.to capture encroached land.
- Guide & enable team to prepare/implement mine development plan for short term / long term strategy.
Review & monitor long term & short term mine development strategy to achieve cost effective operations & judicious utilization of reserves

Quality & Planning

- Guide & enable team to design mining pit through mine planning software (Annual Quarterly Monthly Daily)
Enable productions plan through planning cell by ensuring quality blend plans as per plant requirements

Statutory Compliance
- Liaison with office of DGMS, SPCB/CPCB, MOEFCC, IBM, MOEF, Explosives, Welfare & Labour ( LEO, ALC, RLC ) & local statutory bodies as applicable to ensure timely compliances
- Ensure Implementation of EC Conditions, 106-2b permission & Safety Management Plan
Responsible for legal & statutory requirements of contractual workings.

Safety Excellence:

Implementation of all applicable Safety Standards without any Deviation including Safety, Health & Environment Management

- 100% implementation of all applicable safety standards in department with target of zero injury and no hazard to men, machinery, environment and ensure good health of employee deployed in respective department
- To ensuring whoever is working in department from top to last person should confident about I know my job, I know the hazards associated with my job and I applied control measures & I escalate to my senior
- Implementation, adherence of Progressive Consequence Management and taking needful action.
- Effective contribution in respective safety subcommittee, daily walkthrough round, be visible felt leader and sharing views in apex safety meeting for building and inculcating strong culture of safety.
- Ensuring self and team timely report or submit SO, any incident or accident along with taking analysis and corrective actions in respective systems. Also conduct CFSA by self & team as per schedule to ensure contractor safety as per CSM guidelines
- Creating awareness among team about taking care of self and team health and environment aspect for sustainability
- Motivating and bring new technology, innovation way of saving natural resources like water, power, controlling on air pollution etc with sustainable initiatives
- Ensure to completion of abnormalities observed and reported in daily walk through across department. (b) Completion of all Incident Investigation within timeline
- Adhering of all safety precautions on the site and off the site
- Ensuring time bound action for closing out for audit (FPSA,SPSA,TPSA and External Audits) findings before target date and compliance of all applicable RCN/BCN recommendations
- SOP's & SWP have to be update from time to Time and implemented in Toto.
To identify the area where needs improvement in safety and to Minimize and manage potential risks and hazards in the working environment

System Implementation: (Coordinate, organize & monitor effective implementation of IMS and other systems in the department for improvement of productivity and creating safe work culture)

- To facilitate department activities to implement, sustain and continual improvement of internal & external customer satisfaction score, developing & drive maintenance strategy along with autonomous maintenance, visual development, knowledge upgradation, process improvement.
- Ensuring respective assigned team performance & monitoring WCM (ABOF) MIS regular for 100% compliance against various WCM audits/assessments (5S,BCE, Hygiene etc.) & timely evaluation of Kaizen & suggestions in system
- To ensure timely compliance & implementation of IMS & other standards requirements like creating awareness among team on systems policy, implementation, document verification for zero non-conformity or OFIs in internal & External system audits/assessment.
- Mentoring & driving associated KFA & GRT as per the ABOE framework & CWCM guidelines
- Encouraging team for improvement projects & Kaizen to enhance performance & productivity along with bringing and adopting new technology projects & its development actions
- Provide Internal & External audit responses in time
- Identify Digitalization opportunities and take initiatives for automation of processes
- Identify & get rectified: Abnormalities, Spillage/leakages, Unsafe conditions/practices.
Execute implementation plan for Statutory compliance & improvement of MTBF/MTTR

People Management & Development: To build & sustain a conductive work culture within department to improve productivity, growth & improvements in department performance for overall objective of unit along with motivating employees to institutionalize for bring innovation, creativity, best practices to replicate in the Unit by effective management of people for development of them

- Guiding team of SMART and differentiating Goals Setting aligning with Unit and Business targets, time to time review performance and giving or seeking quality real time constructive feedback on performance appraisal and other areas. Rewards and recognition without any biasness.
- Developing Team for multiskilling for next role through The 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development.
- Having regular communication that count with maintains transparency for top to down communication (mentoring, coaching, counselling, recognition etc.)
- Proper Succession planning to groom team members in same direction and also Job rotation inter & intra-departmental for all-round development of team members
- Developing interpersonal skills, maintain discipline, adhering ABG Values and systems, handling and resolving grievances and good rapport building with other colleagues within function or cross function
- Encouraging them for taking lead in Unit, Business or Group level projects and contribute for growth
- To identification of common training needs of team for building competency for current and future requirement of organisation
- Optimisation of manpower by giving opportunity of Job Rotation, Enriching & Enlargement of Jobs time to time along with recommending for internal or external training for skill behavioural/productivity improvement.
- Empowering team to function independently, boost & maintain employees moral and motivation through employee wellness and wellbeing initiatives within department and having participative culture.
- Prepare action plan based on Team Vibes Results direct reportee or rollout reportees to enhance engagement level of team.

Job Purpose of Direct Reports:
SH Planning & Geology: Plan, coordinate & execute core drilling, reserve estimation & block modelling using Mine Planning Development software to enable Mining plan development and mining in accordance with Mining Plan to achieve desired Quality. Ensure Environment friendly operations as per IBM & other applicable regulatory bodies ensuring 100% compliances. Responsible for ensuring compliances related to IBM, CGM & MOEFCC and EC Conditions in particular.
SH Mines Operations (Limestone): Organize & coordinate windrowing, loading & transportation operation by optimum deployment of HEMM, to achieve optimum feeding of limestone to stacker with desired blend. Ensure Safe & Environment friendly operations as per DGMS, IBM & other applicable regulatory bodies ensuring 100% compliances. Responsible for optimization of HEMM to control mining cost.
SH Mines Operations (Clay): Organize & coordinate excavation & transportation operation by optimum deployment of HEMM, to achieve optimum feeding of Clay to plant of desired quality. Ensure Safe & Environment friendly operations as per DGMS, CGM & other applicable regulatory bodies ensuring 100% compliances. Responsible for optimization of hired equipments to control mining cost.
PF (Laterite): Organize & coordinate excavation & transportation operation by optimum deployment of HEMM, to achieve optimum feeding of Laterite to plant of desired quality. Ensure Safe & Environment friendly operations as per DGMS, CGM & other applicable regulatory bodies ensuring 100% compliances. Responsible for optimization of hired equipments to control mining cost.
PF (GVTC): Plan & coordinate for Initial & refresher training of all mine employees as per Vocational Training Rules. Ensure deployment required resources & use of technical aids to ensure efficient trainings. Responsible for 100% compliances to training schedules without any deviation


Relationship Type

1. Dept. Head (Maintenance)
2. Dept. Head (Quality Control)
3. Dept Head (Mech and E&I)
4. Dept. Head (Materials)
5. Dept Head (ER Admin /Security /Land)
6. Dept Head (HR)
Dept. Head Medical


As & When req
Daily in DCM
As & When req
Daily in DCM
As & When req
As & When req

Coordination for maintenance of HEMM as per Production plan to ensure availability of machines. Review of all statutory compliances with DH-Maint as per DGMS. Weekly road-worthiness.
Coordination for limestone & clay quality supplied to plant & feedback for necessary corrective action. Annual/Monthly prediction wrt Raw-mix via-a-vis production plans.
Coordination for Opn/Maint. of Stacker/Additive crusher to enable un-interrupted supply of Limestone/Clay. Coordination during shutdowns.
Contractor for finalization of equipment hiring. Coordination for ensuing availability of required resources with OTIF procurement processes.
Coordination for local issues, lR issues, deployment/compliances/payment for contractual labors.
Coordination for Land & local issues, ensuring security of men/machine and restricting locals entry. Coordination for liasoning with Local administration.
Coordination for Trainings as per GVTC/Safety Stds/MDP/IDP. Coordination for manpower recruitment & PMS process.
For ensuring IME/PME of employees as per Rules.





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DH Mines Operation

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