Developer III - Software Engineering

4-6 years
7 days ago
Job Description


Role Proficiency:

Independently develops error free code with high quality validation of applications guides other developers and assists Lead 1 - Software Engineering


  1. Understand and provide input to the application/feature/component designs developing the same in accordance with user stories/requirements.
  2. Code debug test document and communicate product/component/features at development stages.
  3. Select appropriate technical options for development such as reusing improving or reconfiguration of existing components.
  4. Optimise efficiency cost and quality by identifying opportunities for automation/process improvements and agile delivery models
  5. Mentor Developer 1 - Software Engineering and Developer 2 - Software Engineering to effectively perform in their roles
  6. Identify the problem patterns and improve the technical design of the application/system
  7. Proactively identify issues/defects/flaws in module/requirement implementation
  8. Assists Lead 1 - Software Engineering on Technical design. Review activities and begin demonstrating Lead 1 capabilities in making technical decisions

Measures of Outcomes:

  1. Adherence to engineering process and standards (coding standards)
  2. Adherence to schedule / timelines
  3. Adhere to SLAs where applicable
  4. Number of defects post delivery
  5. Number of non-compliance issues
  6. Reduction of reoccurrence of known defects
  7. Quick turnaround of production bugs
  8. Meet the defined productivity standards for project
  9. Number of reusable components created
  10. Completion of applicable technical/domain certifications
  11. Completion of all mandatory training requirements

Outputs Expected:

  1. Develop code independently for the above

  1. Implement and monitor configuration process

  1. Create and review unit test cases
    scenarios and execution

Domain relevance:
  1. Develop features and components with good understanding of the business problem being addressed for the client

Manage Project:
  1. Manage module level activities

Manage Defects:
  1. Perform defect RCA and mitigation

  1. Estimate time
    resource dependence for one's own work and others work
    including modules

  1. Create documentation for own work as well as perform peer review of documentation of others work

Manage knowledge:
  1. Consume and contribute to project related documents
    share point
    libraries and client universities

Status Reporting:
  1. Report status of tasks assigned
  2. Comply with project related reporting standards/process

  1. Execute release process

  1. LLD for multiple components

  1. Mentor juniors on the team
  2. Set FAST goals and provide feedback to FAST goals of mentees

Skill Examples:

  1. Explain and communicate the design / development to the customer
  2. Perform and evaluate test results against product specifications
  3. Develop user interfaces business software components and embedded software components 5 Manage and guarantee high levels of cohesion and quality6 Use data models
  4. Estimate effort and resources required for developing / debugging features / components
  5. Perform and evaluate test in the customer or target environment
  6. Team Player
  7. Good written and verbal communication abilities
  8. Proactively ask for help and offer help

Knowledge Examples:

  • Appropriate software programs / modules
    1. Technical designing
    2. Programming languages
    3. DBMS
    4. Operating Systems and software platforms
    5. Integrated development environment (IDE)
    6. Agile methods
    7. Knowledge of customer domain and sub domain where problem is solved

    Additional Comments:

    UST Global is a leading provider of platforms, digital innovation, artificial Intelligence and end-to-end IT & Business services and solutions for Global 1000 companies. We are transforming corporations through deep domain expertise, knowledge-based ML platforms, as well as profound anthropological efforts to understand the end customer and design products and interactions that create delight. We are deeply committed to developing a comprehensive understanding of our clients problems and to develop platforms to address them. Roles and Responsibilities . 4+ years of demonstrated experience as an SRE engineer is must . SRE position will be responsible for hands-on development for critical tickets & provide production support . Expertise in Golang, graphSQL, Python(good to have) is must . Should be able to work with a distributed multi-vendor team in a multi-cultural environment across multiple geographies taking care of a complex web application . Involved in planning of system and development deployment as well as responsible for meeting software compliance standards . Should be extremely good at communication and be able to manage conflicts constructively and proactively . Run the production environment by monitoring availability and taking a holistic view of system health . Build software and systems to manage platform infrastructure and applications . Improve reliability, quality, and time-to-market of our suite of software solutions . Measure and optimize system performance, with an eye toward pushing our capabilities forward, getting ahead of customer needs, and innovating for continual improvement . Provide primary operational support and engineering for multiple large-scale distributed software applications . Participate in system design consulting, platform management, and capacity planning Skills: . Key skill: SRE Engineering . Must have WCNP, DEVOPS ( CI/CD/CONCORD), MLS,MMS, Prometheus(PQL) . Would be nice to have GoLang development experience. . Need to have expertise in Kubernetes or dockers