Customer Relation Manager

6-12 years
320000 - 750000 INR
a month ago 125 Applied
Job Description

1. *Customer Engagement:*
Develop and implement strategies to engage with potential and existing customers.
Foster positive interactions through various channels, including phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings.

2. Lead Management:*
Manage and prioritize leads generated through marketing efforts.
Implement a systematic approach for lead qualification, nurturing, and conversion.

3. Client Onboarding:*
Facilitate the smooth onboarding of clients, providing necessary information and support.
Ensure that clients understand the company's offerings, policies, and procedures.

4. Relationship Building:*
Build and maintain strong relationships with clients throughout the real estate transaction process.
Address client inquiries, concerns, and feedback promptly and effectively.

5. Customer Satisfaction:*
Monitor and measure customer satisfaction levels.

Implement strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Communication and Follow-up:*
Establish clear and consistent communication channels with clients.
Conduct regular follow-ups to update clients on the status of their transactions and address any concerns.

7. Feedback Collection:*
Gather feedback from clients on their experience with the company.
Analyze feedback to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes.

8. Cross-Selling and Upselling:*
Identify opportunities for cross-selling additional services or upselling premium offerings.
Collaborate with sales and marketing teams to capitalize on these opportunities.

9. Market Knowledge:*
Stay informed about the real estate market trends, property values, and competitor activities.
Provide clients with accurate and up-to-date information to support their decision-making.

10. Customer Education:*
Educate clients about the real estate market, legal processes, and other relevant information.
Provide guidance on property investment and ownership.

11. Revenue Collection:*
Oversee the collection of revenue associated with real estate transactions.
Ensure timely and accurate invoicing and payment processing.

12. CRM System Utilization:*
Effectively use CRM systems to manage client interactions, track communications, and update client information.
Train and support other team members in utilizing the CRM system.

13. Post-Sale Support:*
Provide post-sale support to clients, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any post-transaction issues.
Facilitate the resolution of post-sale concerns and maintain positive relationships.

14. Compliance:*
Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in client interactions and transactions.
Stay updated on changes in real estate laws and regulations.

15. Reporting:*
Prepare reports on client interactions, conversion rates, revenue collection, and customer satisfaction metrics.
Present findings and insights to the management team.

16. Collaboration with Sales and Marketing:*
Collaborate with the sales and marketing teams to align customer engagement strategies with overall business goals.
Provide feedback to improve lead generation and marketingcampaigns.
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