CIVIL SITE ENGINEER Jobs - Canada , Denmark, Australia, Netherland, Germany

2-7 years
3000000 - 5000000 INR
60 Applied
Job Description

Job TitleCIVIL SITE ENGINEER Jobs - Canada , Denmark, Australia, Netherland, GermanyEmployment typePermanentIndustry of the EmployerEngineering / ConstructionDepartment / Functional Area of the JobEngineering Design / Construction, Site Engineering / Project ManagementJob Description
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Canada / Australia / Dubai requires Account & Finance Manager under PR Visa / WP Visa

work permit is an authorized pass for foreign-nationals to work in a country for a limited period.

PR visa is a type of permit that allows you to work and settle in the country with your family permanently. A PR visa holder can get citizenship status upon meeting specific requirements.

Construction Site Responsibilities

The site engineer is the person who spends most of his time at the construction site compared with other managers or designers. Site engineers are updated daily about the coming days design and activities based on which he implements them at site. The top members of the construction organization get a clear picture about the daily activities happening at the site through the site engineer.

Technical Activities

Site activities like establishment of the level and the survey control, which is required for the control of contracts must be performed by site engineer in required conditions. The works have to be set out as per the contract drawings. This requires checks at regular basis on the construction site. The records maintained have to be accurate and they have to satisfy with the organizational and the legal requirements. The site engineer has to face any unexpected difficulties raised from the technical side at any point of time. He must study the problem and resolve it in the most efficient manner as possible.

Preparation of Reports and Schedules

The site engineer is the one who have to ensure that the site have adequate resources to complete the tasks. This is conducted by having procurement schedules for the jobs carried out and liaise with the procurement department regarding the same. A report on the future works to be carried out at site are prepared and produced by site engineers two weeks ahead. This is carried out in conjunction with the site agent. The site engineer is responsible for keeping site diaries and the respective sheets for allocation.

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