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Converteam Group is a world leader in power conversion engineering. Building on over a century of experience, it is firmly placed at the leading edge of technology and innovation with a global reputation for excellence in the conversion of electrical energy. Converteam business is by nature global, but also demands on-the-spot availability. We have thus made geographical coverage a cornerstone of our strategy.

We engineer customized solutions built around three core components (electrical machines – motors & generators, - Variable speed drives and Process automation & control systems), which are either manufactured or assembled in-house in each continent we operate. At Converteam, units are defined on the basis of asset location and take into account operational organization, management structure, and financial reporting. The group first established a presence in Europe (France, UK, and Germany) and in North America, then in Brazil, China and India. Mature units also acts as mentor for teams in other regions. Besides its country of residence, each unit covers a specific geographical area:

 Coverteam Asia with main offices in China & India.
 Converteam Brazil : Central & South America
 Converteam NA : North America (USA, Canada & Mexico)
 Converteam NE: Northern Europe
 Converteam SEMEA: Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa
 Converteam CEER: Central, Eastern Europe & Russia.

We operate Converteam globally with more than 5000 employees worldwide.

In India…
The Engineering Development Center of Converteam was started in Chennai, India in 2005 to support other units world wide in Engineering and Commissioning activities. Engineers from Engineering Development Center are integral part of Global Project Teams of many of the prestigious projects of Converteam. They also contribute to the technological advancement of the company by playing an active role in the R&D activities as well as in the application engineering. Our engineers work from Chennai as well as at sites and units based on the project schedule and requirements to accomplish specific work packages which are a part of major projects. EDC Research and Development team is situated within Indian Institute of Technology research park. In addition to the Engineering Development center Converteam further increased its foot print in India with new sales and services offices in Delhi, Mumbai
Kolkata and in Chennai. The rapid growth of the business and market in India prompted the decision to invest manufacturing facility for drives which has been set up in the year 2011.

Converteam Group has been acquired by GE (General Electric) through Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) signed on 28th March 2011. This project is under process and expected to complete by end of October 2011.

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