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Women on the Go: Keep Careers Afloat, Alive

Managing a job while managing a family can be an uphill climb task for many working mothers. The question, “How should I keep my job, my family and my home all in order?” keeps bugging them. However, it now has an answer. Flexible work options can help you strike a comfortable balance between work and family, providing the required support for your responsibilities and career aspirations.

Flexible work arrangements come in different forms. They may include a flexible start and end time, compressed or extended workweeks, or being able to ability to work from home. Given these variations, determine your career needs and base your decision accordingly. They look like good choices as part of working mothers’ search for work as they:

1) Allow you to choose the work that is most appealing to you. Employee versus contractor status comes secondary.

2) Offer long-term career benefits not afforded to women who take the off from the job market completely.

3) Make the return to work enormously difficult as employers first look for recent paid employment.

4) Offer significant professional flexibility to let you take control of your schedules and doing meaningful and challenging work in chosen professions.

5) Pave way for excellent work-life balance and allow to continue an upward career trajectory while caring for their family without compromising on either of them.

6) Keep you updated about the industry developments and presents an opportunity to learn new skill sets and gain experience in another industry / sector.

7) Let ease of separation: Even if the contract job is not working out as expected, the contractor can terminate the relationship with little or no paperwork

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