10 SQL Interview questions for Data Analysts

By Team foundit

May 6, 2024

SQL Questions for Data Analysts

Land your dream Data Analyst role in India!  Prepare with these top 10 SQL interview questions.

1. What is SQL?

Can you explain what SQL is used for?

2. Common SQL Functions

What are some frequently used SQL functions?

3. Filtering Data

How can you filter data in SQL using the WHERE clause?

4. Join the Tables

Explain the different types of joins (INNER, LEFT, RIGHT) used to combine data from multiple tables.

5. Grouping Data

How can you group data and calculate aggregate values in SQL?

6. Subqueries

What is a subquery and how can you use it in SQL?

7. Window Functions

What are window functions and how are they used in SQL?

8. Limit Your Results

How to control the number of rows returned by your query using LIMIT?

9. Sort It Out

How to use the ORDER BY clause to sort your query results in ascending or descending order.

10. Beyond the Basics

Can you explain the difference between DDL and DML statements?

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