Most Asked DSA Interview Questions [2024]

By Team foundit

May 3, 2024

Master DSA Interviews

Conquer your coding interview with these common Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) questions!


Explain different operations on arrays. How to reverse an array?

Linked Lists

Walk us through Singly Linked Lists and their operations.

Stacks & Queues

Describe Stacks and Queues. What are their real-world applications?


Discuss Binary Search Trees (BSTs) and their operations.

Hash Tables

Explain Hash Tables and their use cases for efficient data storage.

Sorting Algorithms

Compare and contrast popular sorting algorithms like Bubble Sort and Merge Sort.

Searching Algorithms

Explain Linear Search and Binary Search. When to use each one?

Time & Space Complexity

Analyze code for time and space complexity. Why is it important?

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