10 Excel Interview Questions for Data Analysts

By Team foundit

May 6, 2024

Excel Questions for Data Analysis

Cracking the data analyst interview? Brush up on your Excel skills with these top interview questions!

1. Basic Functions

Can you explain VLOOKUP and its uses?

2. Data Cleaning

How do you handle missing data in a spreadsheet?

3. Formatting

Describe the benefits of PivotTables for data analysis.

4. Charts & Graphs

Which chart type best represents trends in data?

5. Shortcuts & Efficiency

What are some keyboard shortcuts to save you time in Excel?

6. Error Checking

How do you identify and fix errors in a large dataset?

7. Formulas & Calculations

Explain how to calculate standard deviation using a formula.

8. Conditional Formatting

How can conditional formatting highlight important data points?

9. Scenario Analysis

What is What-If Analysis and how is it used in Excel?

10. Data Analysis Techniques

What are some techniques for summarizing and analyzing data in Excel?

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