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Top Skills Software Developers Can Add in Their Resumes

If there is one job role that’s among the most sought-after IT jobs, it’s that of a software developer. These are professionals who are responsible for designing, developing, writing code, testing, modifying, and debugging software based on a client’s or company’s requirements.

As more and more businesses go digital, the demand for software developers is also growing. And with the growing demand, the competition for software development jobs is getting tougher by the day.

So, how do you keep up with the changing job landscape to attract the top software developer jobs?

Your resume plays an important role when it comes to grabbing a job. Before it reaches the human eye, your resume has to beat the bots – the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) – which is being used by more than 90% of the fortune 500 companies to collect, sort, scan and rank job applications.

We have listed top skills for software developers that they should add in their resumes. If these top software engineer skills are not in your resume, you may miss out on various software engineering jobs. Since these top skills are quite a few, you should pick and choose basis your interest, job role and experience.

At times, job seekers get confused between soft skills and hard skills or domain-specific skills.

Soft skills are life skills such as creativity, communication, problem-solving, active listening, decision making, teamwork, and critical thinking among others.

Hard or domain-specific skills are related to your job.

Software Developer top skills

  • Software development
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Dot Net
  • SQL
  • Perl
  • R
  • Visual Basic

Besides the above top skills, software developers can add other domain specific skills in their resume based on their profile and jobs they want to target.

For example, candidates in mobile app development can add related skills such as Android development, app development, iOS development, application architecture, system architecture, angular, and angular JS among others.

Java developers can add skills such as spring boot, spring framework, CSS, JSP, J2EE, Rest, web services, core java, programming, core Java, and JQuery among others.

If you want to include soft skills, here are some of the key soft skills for software developers that they can include in their resume.

  • Problem Solving
  • Active Listening
  • Critical Thinking
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork

For those vying for senior positions such as team leads or managerial roles can add decision making, leadership, troubleshooting, people management, conflict resolution and collaboration among others.

Most candidates make the mistake of not customising their job applications and resumes before applying for a job and complain of not receiving a call from recruiters. Many do not include a cover letter when applying for a job.

While it’s important to add the most popular software developer skills in your resume, you should customise your resume according to the job you are applying for. Remove some skills if they are not required and add the ones that are mentioned in the job description.

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